Work Visa to Dubai

If you come to Dubai to work, the company usually will arrange your work visa. To get the work visa you must have your degree or other academic qualification authenticated by a notary in your home country and stamped by the Embassy of United Arab Emirates (UAE) in your home country and final attestation from the Foreign Affairs department in UAE, the contract of employment, and of course, your original passport in order (make sure that have a validity of more than six months to enter the country).

To take no surprises consultation with the UAE Embassy in your home country or own embassy in the UAE (if you're already in UAE) will clear the doubts. is the official website of Dubai Immigration department and the link will get you latest information about all visas.

If you enter with a tourist visa, you must get your work visa within 30 days granted you, so it is very important that you come prepared with documents. Once you have your work visa, the next step will be to obtain a final permit of residence, which is now granted for two years, so you'll need to pass a medical examination at the Government Health Centre.

We repeat that the company usually handles but sometimes the immigration for your spouse and family will have to do by yourself. The Emirates ID card is an identification card for all residents in the UAE and it is necessary item for you and your whole family to stay in the UAE. The official website of this ID is:

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