Refund procedure for not used DNRD Application

All immigration applications that are paid will be refunded if they are not processed (used) by GDRFA-Dubai. The eDNRD application amount which was paid through eform will be refunded if the refund request is made within 30 days (for credit card payments within 45 days) from the payment date of the application for visa, cancellation request or other immigration transactions.

The eform refund request should be duly filled by the applicant in the prescribed format and should be submitted at the eform counter in GDRFA main offices. The refund request can be downloaded from the eform website.

Eform is the online website from DNRD for making all kinds of UAE immigration applications and their payment through online channels. It has made it easier for public to easily access immigration services and less time in the DNRD offices.

The eform counter operated by emaratech will issue a receipt for your refund request and will process this for validation. After the validation the amount will be refunded back to you. If you have paid by credit card the amount will be refunded to your credit card. If you have typed your application through a typing center then the refund will come to the sponsor’s bank account given in the refund application.

Individual sponsor should submit the refund application directly at the counter. Company applications should be submitted through PRO of the company.

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