Mobile services 150

M-services 150 are a mobile service available for Establishment and Individuals to inquire about the status of different immigration services from GDRFA-D. M-150 made it easy for establishments and individuals to get information about their transactions and other details without visiting any GDRFA-D branches.

A M-150 Establishment user has to register using website and has to pay an amount as fees for registering the users. Only the mobile number registered at the time of registration will be permitted to use the ussd services from DNRD. An Establishment can provide maximum 4 mobile numbers for M-150 registered users. DNRD will provide the Establishment a 4 digit pin code to make the transactions.

A M-150 Establishment user will have to enter the 4 digit pin no (xxxx) and select language preference before proceeding to the transaction. The Establishment users can inquire about the following services using Establishment no as identification parameters.

  • Number of people overstaying for the establishment
  • Establishment can query for the Entry permit
  • Visa Enquiry (Issued/under processed/ number of overstay days)
  • Entry/ Exit status.
  • E-form Application inquiry.
  • Residence Inquiry (Issued/ under process/ number of days overstay)
  • Residence Entry/Exit Status.

At present M-150 Individual users can use the service without registration. The individual users can inquire about the following services using Eform Application number\ Visa Number as query parameter. 

  • Visa Expiry details for no of days left
  • Residence Issued / Under process / number of days overstay

For more information please call Amer Service on 8005111

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