Thursday, 31 January 2013

UAE Visa Fees

The requirements for a Dubai Visa depends on various factors and the kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration.

All visas are valid for (60 days) from the issue date before entering the country.Residence visas must be stamped in your passport before 60 days from the UAE immigration after entering into the country. Otherwise it will attract a fine of AED.25 per day.

Sl No
Visa Type
 Fees (AED)
Multiple entry visa (valid for 6 months, with each stay extending for a maximum of 14 days only)
Long term visit permission (90 days, non-renewable)
Short term visit permission (30 days, non-renewable)
Student entry permission (90 days, renewable twice)
Student entry permission renewal
Treatment entry permission (90 days, renewable once)
Treatment entry permission renewal
Entry permit to attend exhibitions and conferences, 30 days, non-renewable
Tourist entry permit, 30 days, renewable once
Tourist entry permit renewal
Visit permit for GCC Residents, 60 days
Renewal of visit permit for GCC Residents
Entry permit for companions of GCC Citizens
Reneal of Entry permit for companions of GCC Citizens
Mission entry visa
Transit Visa

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Providers of Transit visas in Dubai

Transit visas are provided to passengers passing through the UAE airports. Transit visas in Dubai are classified into two by Dubai General Directorate of Foreign Affairs and are following.
  1. Valid for 96 hours
  2. Valid for 14 days
Only airlines, tourism firms can provide this visa in Dubai and UAE and you will be able to take a transit visa and visit the UAE if you have a valid ticket for a continuing flight with its airline office branch is located within United Arab Emirates.
A transit visa will be issued to individuals who have a valid ticket for an onward flight by any airline that has an office within the UAE. Therefore, you should contact the airlines office well ahead of the trip to ensure the possibility of transit visa in Dubai.

Dubai Airport is a main hub in the Middle East region for European journeys. In 2012 more than 11 million passengers have used Dubai airport. Transit visas are also sponsored by tourist companies operating in the UAE. Hence, their services may be required if a particular air line does not provide a visa.

The major providers of transit visa in Dubai are following:

Monday, 28 January 2013

Wife can sponsor if salary is Dh10000


A wife can sponsor visa for her husband in UAE if she is working in a certain profession such as doctor, accountant, nurse, or teacher and should meet the basic salary requirements for visa application in United Arab Emirates.
For those working in a different profession, the Dubai General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs will look into each visa application on a case-by-case basis and will decide whether to issue visa or not.
Therefore, it is suggested to make a request petition to the Dubai General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs and they will decide on this request and pass its final decision of acceptance or rejection. In case of acceptance, the first requirement for visa in Dubai is that the basic salary should be Dh10,000 or Dh9,000 plus accommodation.
If such requirements for visa are met by; then a wife can sponsor her husband and children.

Parent Visa in UAE

Parent visa applications in UAE are considered on a humanitarian basis and must be complete with certain documents and requirements. One of the requirements is the attested tenancy contract for a residency, having at least two-bedrooms. However in case of bachelor sponsoring parents should contact General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs for further guidance for whether he can apply for parent visa with single bedroom residency.

Generally and in compliance with current regulations, expatriates like you are required to at least have a two bedroom contract to apply for a parent visa. Please note that a  UAE resident visa holder, having a minimum salary of Dh10,000 can get one year renewable resident visa for his/her parents or parents-in-law, brothers below the age of 18, and unmarried sisters.

As on 01st jan 2014 the sponsor salary requirement for residence visa of parents has been raised to aed.20,000. However, you have to provide proof that you are their sole responsible person and that there is no one else to take care of them in your home country. An affidavit from your embassy/consulate will be sufficient.

Furthermore, it is necessary to sponsor both the parents, otherwise one has to submit either divorce or death certificate of his father/mother. This has to be attested from the UAE Foreign Ministry, and must be obtained before applying for parent visa in UAE. The following documents are required to apply for the parent visa:

A salary letter attested by the Ministry of Labour or the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in the case of the private sector. The salary must not be less than Dh20,000.
  • Attested tenancy contract for a residency, having at least  two-bedrooms.
  • Typed application form.
  • Your original passport.
  • Passport copy of your parents,  along with 1 photo.
  • Proof of relationship from your embassy/consulate attesting both relationship and that you are the sole provider.
  • Water and electricity bill of your accommodation.
  • Three months’ bank statement.
  • Health insurance should be provided for your parents.
  • Deposit receipt of a refundable guarantee of Dh2,000, in addition to the visa application fee.
Finally, the application along with the above documents shall be submitted to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, which will consider such request on a humanitarian basis. In case of approval, the department will issue the visa for parents. This type of visa needs to be renewed every year.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

No job ban after completing two years

The new regulation of UAE Labour Law states that the employers are no more empowered to impose a ban or stop an employee from joining another employer or company if the person has completed two years of employment in the present company.
Any employee who has completed two years with a company can resign and join another company without a six month ban. Since the person has served more than two years with his current employer, he can resign from his current company any time with 30 days' prior notice as per Article 117 of the UAE Labour Law, or otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in his employment contract. Employment contract is the primary agreement between the employer and employee and it is a crucial document in the UAE Labour Law.
The employee will not get a six month ban against him even if his visa with the present company is valid and will not expire for another year. He can join the new company after 30 days notice with the present company. The present company doesn't have the right to stop him from proceeding to transfer to another company unless it is mentioned in the Labour contract between employer and employee.
Some companies don't allow employees to transfer to same field of work in a time frame and it will be stated in the labour contract. In that case employee will not be able to join another company. 

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dubai Visa Requirements

The requirements for a Dubai Visa depends on various factors and the kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration.
Please read the following notifications carefully. Regulations and UAE immigration law change from time to time and we try to provide up to date information in these notes, please do not rely upon them for complete accuracy. You should also check with your airline and regional UAE embassy or consulate.
Following are the documents required for applying a visa in Dubai.
  1. Visa Application.
  2. Passport copies (applicant and companions).
  3. Valid Emirates ID copy of the applicant (in case of individual applicants)
  4. A letter to specify sponsor, whether from the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its diplomatic mission.
  5. Specifying the type of required permission (tourist, business, etc.).
  6. Permission classification (short term, long term, multiple entry, complementary).
  7. Please ensure that the passport is valid (for at least 6 months)
  8. Two clear passport photo with white background, preferably a scanned photo instead of scanning the copy.
Applications have to be fully completed before submitting it to DNRD (Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department) and visa application should be typed online or through an authorized typing centre. The entry permit will be issued at the same time by DNRD officer.
Below mentioned entities can act as valid sponsors for a visitor travelling to Dubai.
  • Hotels & Tourist Companies can apply, on your behalf, for a Tourist Visa (valid for 30 days); or a Service Visa (valid for 14 days); or a Visit Visa (valid for 30 days and can be extended for other 30 days).
  • Airlines & Airlines Handlers apply on behalf of their crew members for a 96-hour Transit Visa.
  • Other Organizations based in the UAE may only apply for Visit Visas and Service Visas.
  • Individuals (Relatives or Friends) already resident in the UAE may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa.
All visas are valid for 60 days from the issue date before entering any of the entry points in UAE.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Short-term visit visa cannot be extended

UAE Short-term visit visa
UAE short term visit visas are visit visas that are valid for 30 days only and these cannot be extended further. If a short term visit visa holder overstays than the visa period will attract fines from UAE immigration and will have to pay at the time of exit

The short-term visit in UAE is valid for 30 days only, and starts from the arrival date and it is non-renewable. Therefore, short-term visit visas are not extendable in any case. These instructions are clearly mentioned at the back side of the visa. In case of overstay in UAE, fine has to be paid by the holder and it can be paid at the airport before departure from UAE.

However, after payment of the fine, the visitor will not be blacklisted from entering the UAE in the future. To get the latest update, it is further advised to contact AMER service of UAE immigration, regarding this matter on Tel: 8005111, a 24-hour hotline for visa and naturalization issues.

The following nationalities do not need visas prior to arrival in the UAE
  • GCC country visa holders (certain designations only)
  • Nationality holders of British, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Malta, Monaco, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Estonia, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain.
Residents in the UAE, who wish to invite friends or family to visit them may apply for a Visa through SATA (Sharjah Airport Travel Agency) or through Tour Operators providing holiday packages, or through business organizations who can sponsor their visas, or then with the help of family and friends already residing here.

For requirements or information please contact SATA at:
Tel: 00971-6-5164444 / 00971-6-5618888

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