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Overstaying Charges in UAE


overstay in uae
The overstaying charges will come for children or wife or anyone else who has overstayed in UAE for more than 30 days after cancelling their visa. Most situations arise when a sponsor lost his job and has to cancel his dependant's visa before getting his new visa. Then the family member's visa has to be cancelled who are on husband's sponsorship.

You should be out of UAE within 30 days after cancelling the visa. What will happen if you stay back in the UAE for more than 30 days after cancelling visa? What would be the fine for each day of overstay? Or, will it become a police case? Read below for the answers.

As per the immigrations rules, one has to leave the country within 30 days after cancellation of visa. Since the children's visas were cancelled on September 3, they are either supposed to stamp new visas or leave the country within 30 days.

In case of overstay, they will be subject to fine only. Please note that it will not become a criminal case. However, your children will be subject to a fine of Dh120 each for the first day and thereafter Dh25 for each day. Furthermore, you can contact directly AMER service on 8005111, a 24-hour hotline for visa and naturalization issues, recently opened by the government for such queries.

Update 17-02-2014

As per DNRD website overstay fines should be paid by the violators of the Entry and Residence of Foreigners Law (who stay in the UAE over the legal period specified according to the validity of their entry permit.)

Required Documents: 
  1. Original and copy of the relevant applicant passport.
  2. Copy of entry permit (If available)

A revised fees of AED(50) will be collected per day.

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  1. HI,
    I want to know as I have already cancelled my residence VISA by Techom Freezone from Dubai on 28/10/2013, and now I am waiting for my new VISA from my new employer in Abu Dhabi. Grace period on my cancelled VISA is till 28/11/2013. But still my VISA is not processed by the employer. What I need to do. Should I have to exit UAE or I can wait for the VISA to process after the grace period is over with the fines. In this case can it be the possibility for police case/ deporting?
    Kindly Guide......

  2. You should contact your current employer and follow the procedure as per their instructions.

  3. my visa has expired on 23/10/2013 my company has transfer me to Qatar but until now i am unable to get my ticket coz of my expired visa now i have to exit to Qatar or to my country as per law how much should i pay for overstay please advice ma

  4. The overstay fine in UAE is Dh100 for the first day after your visa cancellation or expiry and Dh25 each day for the next 180 days. It may also attract imprisonment and deportation.

  5. Is it true that the airport and immigration has different price for the overstaying case?

  6. Hi I cancelled my visa on the 07-11-2013 and now I have submit for visit visa but its not been approved yet as it shows that its pending. I have contacted my ex employer "transguard" but they not been very helpful so can you please advise me on that issue. Regards

  7. hi my visa was cancelled last December 03, 2013 from my previous employer now i receive email to my new employer it says that my visa status was "waiting for approval" i want to know what does it means?...

  8. how much is the fine after 30 days grace period is served on a cancelled residence visa? After how many days does this fine become more per day? I've heard its 120 for the first day then 25dhm per day after that. how long can i stay and pay 25AED per day before theu "up" the price of the fine?

    1. It is better to exit from the country within the grace period. After the grace period you will become an illegal resident and if captured by the authorities you will be put in jail before deporting to your home country.

  9. Sir, I recently changed my family visa within the stipulated 30 days time without exiting the country. I got the residence permit for 60 days where i should carry out the medical. After getting the medical report i applied for visa stamping, on further verification at immegration, they informed status not chaanged & extra fine for 45 days till date. I was totally puzzled & had no words to say. because nobody told me about this STATUS change !!! for family. Now what should i do? How can i get a write off for the fine sir. Appreciate your kind response.

    1. I didnot know about any possibility to write off this fine. You should have submitted an application for a visa status change along with the new residence visa application form.

  10. Hello! Please advise on our situation. We have been working on an employment visa for our housemaid's husband -- in my husband's company. He has been hired as a sales executive. He is Filipino. His extended visit visa is expiring on 7 MAY 2014. The PRO has told us his visa should be ready by today, but he has been telling us this for one week already! The problem is: his daughter is here and her extension expires on 7 May also. He cannot sponsor her of course until his visa is ready and he exits the country and returns. Can you please advise on our situation and how to best handle it? Will she also have to exit the country?

  11. To whom it may concern
    My wife is pregnent and had to leave her job.
    Her cancellation was on 24th May 2014 and as pet law she has to leave the country on 24th June but as per the doctors advise she can leave by 4 or 5th of July 2014.
    Kindly advise how much fine I have to pay and will it be hard to leave the country.
    Thank you

  12. can someone tell me if i can pay my 35 days penalty for my visa at the airport?

  13. Hello! My visa was cancelled on 11/05/2014 and last day to exit was 09/06/2014. Meantime I got offer letter from another employer. They applied for visa and was rejected due to non availability of 6 months validity on my passport. During this time my wife's visa was temporarily hold thinking I can change the status without exit. My passport cannot be renewed from Dubai. Since I cannot obtain a phototestified letter from previous and new employer for passport renewal. After that my wife's visa was cancelled on 10/06/2014. Now both of want to exit UAE. I have booked a ticket on 19/06/2014. Is there any legal problems and how much will be the fine. Please guide me. I am in real trouble.

  14. Hi Aneesh, please report to immigration department along with original passport & airticket copies.


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