Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No Labour ban in UAE on Sponsor Transfer

It may be possible to avoid a labour ban, or lift a ban by paying a fee to the labour department in the UAE, if you transfer your visa from one sponsor or company to another. This is totally different from the procedure of cancelling your residence visa and work permit, then applying for a new visa and labour card in the new company. 

A transfer of your sponsorship requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed from the current sponsor and payment of a labour ban lifting fee in some cases. The sponsorship transfer is restricted to certain professions. The new employer should submit the request for sponsorship transfer along with the new work permit application. 

Your old visa and labour card should not be cancelled in any case. These will be automatically cancelled upon issuing new work permit for the new company. Your old work permit will be cancelled automatically and the new company can start the procedure for your residence visa stamping. Labour department of the emirate where you are working will make the final decision.

Six-month ban on job- remains in UAE but this can be lifted with conditions based on service period and qualifications. Then employee can transfer his visa to another company without six month wok-ban.

Ban lifting fees in UAE

The UAE MOL website shows "Transfer of Sponsorship" fees between AED 3,000-5,000 for employees who have not completed their contracts but need to change their job. This fee is applicable only if the employee has a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the present employer.

To know the latest update about getting a ban or ban lifting fee, you should check with the UAE MOL helpline. MOL is the final authority to issue details on this matter.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

UAE Labour Ban can be lifted

A labour ban imposed by a company in UAE for an employee who has not completed one year with the current employer can ask for removal of ban.

The current immigration law states that since an employee has not completed one year with the current employer, the company or sponsor may put a six month ban for the employee to work in UAE and will not get a new work permit until he has completed the six month ban. You may get a six month labour ban if you have not completed one year in a work permit. 

The period you have worked with the employer on tourist visa or short-term visit visa shall not be taken into consideration. Employees are not permitted to work on a tourist or visit visa and are illegal in accordance with Article 13 of the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980.

UAE Labour law states that the expatriates should get prior approval of the department and a work permit from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to work in the UAE.

However if the company or sponsor imposes a ban, it could be waived by the labour department to you on the basis of your qualification provided that such qualification documents are duly attested by public notary and legalised from the country where you have obtained such qualification.
In case an employment ban for six months is imposed, the employee may contact the Ministry of Labour to lift the ban based on your qualification. 

We conclude that if you resign from the company by giving them a one month notice; you will get a six–month labour ban in UAE unless you have completed one year on their work permit. You may able to lift the ban as per the decision of concerned department. You will be able to visit UAE during this period through a tourist visa or short-term visit visa.

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Visit Visa to UAE for Tourists from Kenya


Now the citizens of Kenya and other expatriates who reside in Kenya who are travelling to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways can apply for visit visa at the UAE Visa Processing Centre in Kenya.

All applications are considered on individual basis and the Immigration Department of United Arab Emirates is the final authority to confirm the status. The immigration dept. has the right to ask for additional information at any stage of processing. It should be clear that an application which has been received at the United Arab Emirates Visa Application Centre does not guarantee that the visit-visa will be approved and issued. UAE Immigration is the sole authority to take the decision on whether to issue or refuse a visa without citing any reason whatsoever. The applicant should ensure that they hold a valid visa for entry in to the UAE before they travel to the United Arab Emirates. Visas for people from Kenya cannot be issued on arrival at any of the entry points in the United Arab Emirates. 

The facility of applying visas through the United Arab Emirates Visa Application Centre is open only to Etihad Airways traveler.

The tourist who is interested in being sponsored for visas by Etihad Airways should hold a valid ticket issued by Etihad Airlines. Etihad will not be responsible or liable for a guest not being able to travel due to denied boarding, offloading, flight cancellation, delays or any other cause or circumstances beyond their control.

The applicants must fill out the Application Form accurately and submit the same with the applicable fees, valid passport and necessary documentation as specified in the Application Form. Applicants must hold valid travel documents and comply with the requirements of the UAE Government and Immigration laws.

The issue and approval of visas is solely maintained by the Government of the United Arab Emirates and governed by their rules and regulations that are subject to change. 

For more information visit: https://www.ttsuaevisas.com/

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Family Residence Visa Cancellation in UAE


The following procedures have to be completed in order to cancel the residence visa of family for an expatriate in UAE. The required documents and application for cancellation of family residence visa should be submitted at Residency Administration department of GDRFA to cancel personal sponsored residence visa.

Required Documents:
  1. Application of residence visa cancellation with the sponsor’s signature. 
  2. The original passport of the sponsored 
  3. Copy of sponsor’s passport 
  4. Original Emirates Identity Card (UAE Emirates ID) of the sponsored

Please ensure that the sponsor’s signature in application form is same as the passport or the employment contract.   

Fees:     70 AED cancellation fees to be paid through e-form at the typing centers or through online in the website of DNRD. 

Fines for Late Cancellation of Residence Visa 

Residency permits will become automatically invalid if the resident stays out of the UAE for more than 180 days. The fine for late cancellation is calculated on the local system as per the notice of the public prosecutor is the following:

  • AED.15 for each day during the first 6 months (180 days) 
  • AED.30 for each day during the second 6 months (180 days) 
  • AED.50 for each day passing after a year or more
Penalty fees on the ministry system are the following:
  • AED.25 for each day during the first 6 months (180 days) 
  • AED.50 for each day during the second 6 months (180 days) 
  • AED.100 for each day passing after a year or more

Procedure for Cancellation of Emirates ID when cancelling the visa

The expatriates who are leaving UAE by cancelling their residency in the country should submit original Emirates ID at the immigration department when submitting the residence cancellation application. Before leaving the country, Expatriates are required to cancel their residency visa at the Ministry of Interior, which will automatically open the cancellation of their Emirates ID card.

Residents applying for the cancellation of their UAE residence visa must surrender their Emirates ID card to immigration department. Click here to view Emirates ID Status.

The above service is offered at the following locations:

Department of Municipal Center at Al Twar
All ports
The main building of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai
Hatta section
Al Maktoum International Airport 4
Jebel Ali Port
Dnata Deira section
Emirates Airline Division
Arab Centre Division
Department of General Command - Dubai Police
Department of Medical Fitness
Department of the Free Zone - Dubai International Airport
Bin Sougat Centre Division
Department of Jebel Ali
Hyatt Regency section
Department of Municipal Clinic
Lighthouse Centre Division
Department of Rashid Hospital
Department of Electricity and Water Authority / Dewa
Department Clinic Safa
Department of Ruler's Court
Department of Immigration at Al Sila
Department of the Dubai International Financial Centre
Department of the city of Dubai Technology and Media

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Online Issuing of Tourist Entry Permit to Dubai for all Nationalities


The tourist visa issue process in Dubai involves several procedures. This articles explains the procedures followed at the section of entry permits in DNRD offices across Dubai to get a tourist entry permit through the online system of Dubai immigration department for all nationalities coming to UAE.

The online tourist visa service is available electronically for tour operators in UAE with the availability of electronic payment.

Required Documents for applying Tourist Visa to Dubai
  • Filling application of issuing tourist entry permits by online and prepaid through the site of DNRD.
  • The application must be signed by the sponsor
  • One photograph of the sponsored person with the blue background should be affixed in the application for tourist entry permit
  • Clear copy of the passport of the sponsored person and should be valid for six months
  • Copy of valid establishment card of the sponsor
  • Copy of the valid trade license of the sponsor
  • Health insurance for the visitor
  • Photograph of the sponsored person.
Fees for tourist entry permit      
  • AED.220 fees for issuing the entry permit should be paid online through the DNRD website
  • AED.1,000 as financial security deposit. This amount is refundable after departure of the sponsored person from the UAE.

These visas can be obtained as m-visas through online and is available for some companies. The time can be saved if online services of DNRD are used.  The original visa copy is available for m-visa holder for an additional fee of AED.20. The approval will be received by SMS and email.
Validity of tourist entry permit is (30) days from the issuance date and not renewable. The period of stay for tourist entry permit holder is (30) days from the date of entry in UAE and renewable for (30) additional days.

The services are offered at the main building of the General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai and Department Free Zone at Dubai International Airport. 

The above information may change from time to time as per the immigration laws of UAE and should be confirmed with DNRD.

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